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Achievements and Honors


  • Obtaining the license of the top export-oriented company
  • Ranking 46th among the top 100 companies in Iran (IMI100)
  • Receiving the three-star silver award at the sixth National Energy Management Award
  • Holding certificate for Conformity of Energy Consumption Standards with the National Standards of Energy Consumption Standard in the Methanol Industry
  • Obtaining the three-star certificate of Commitment to HSE at the HSE Excellence Festival
  • Being recognized as the green industry of the country
  • Receiving the golden award of the fifth Social Responsibility Awards
  • Obtaining the award for Social Responsibility and Organizational Culture

The Address of Central Office

  • Phone: (+98)2143000039
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • No. 170, Vanak St., Vanak, Tehran, Iran
نقشه تهران
نقشه مجتمع

Complex Address

  • Phone: (+98)7737323330
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • South Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh), Bushehr Province, Iran