Zagros Petrochemical Company

Zagros Petrochemical Company was established in 2000 to implement Iran's third economic, social and, cultural development plan with the aim of achieving global markets and gaining a considerable share of the methanol market. For the purpose of empowering the company to compete worldwide and also taking into account the rich gas resources in the South Pars region and its strategic location, a 31-hectare land in the South Pars Special Economic Energy Zone was acquired and the company's production complex was constructed in Assaluyeh port. Moreover, the complex is designed in a way to use the maximum energy produced in the synthesis reactors and at the same time utilize the recycled energy in the reforming unit to supply the required energy. As a result, approximately 205 tons of steam per hour with a pressure of 40 bars are produced and sold. 


Sustainable Development



Nowadays, with the full development of industries, conditions have raised on the earth that have caused turbulence to the balance of our world. Environmental challenges such as air pollution and water scarcity, poverty and hunger, addiction, pervasive diseases, lack of effective public education and so on have become the greatest problems of today's world and every individual must act responsibly to tackle and solve these problems.

Being aware of this necessity, Zagros Petrochemical Company consequently has a comprehensive view of its social responsibilities and since its establishment, has always done its best to have a proper perspective in creating value for all its stakeholders. 

Standards And Certifications

The Address of Central Office

  • Phone: (+98)2143000039
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • No. 170, Vanak St., Vanak, Tehran, Iran
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Complex Address

  • Phone: (+98)7737323330
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • South Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh), Bushehr Province, Iran