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Business Development & Sales

Zagros Petrochemical Company, with its experienced and specialized human capital, has an extensive range of activities in the field of maritime transport of its product and transports methanol to all parts of the world. In this regard, the company possesses several ocean-sailing vessels with special tankers for transporting chemicals in various capacities, which export the AA-grade product with the highest quality according to precise timing schedules from the ports of origin and deliver it to buyers in the ports of destination.

Countries including China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, India, North Africa, and Eastern, Western, and Northwestern European countries are among the current destinations of Zagros Petrochemical Company's vessels and export goods.

The Address of Central Office

  • Phone: (+98)2143000039
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • No. 170, Vanak St., Vanak, Tehran, Iran
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Complex Address

  • Phone: (+98)7737323330
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • South Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh), Bushehr Province, Iran