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Why Innovation Center?

The petrochemical industry is deemed to be a dynamic one that accounts for a large share of the global trade. The vast, exponential growth of this industry and its number of participants and activists brought about tight competition among the producers. Innovation centers can act as a component that materialize a knowledge-based, creative economy and they play a vital role in preserving the competitiveness of companies hence, all companies and enterprises pay assiduous attention to the establishment and development of these centers. Having taken measures to run its own Innovation Center, Zagros Petrochemical Company took steps toward the aforementioned objectives and all the while makes efforts to contribute effectively to this sector of the industry,  while creating a value chain as a market leader and a supporter of new business ideas in the petrochemical industry.


چرا مرکز نوآوری

The Address of Central Office

  • Phone: (+98)2143000039
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • No. 170, Vanak St., Vanak, Tehran, Iran
نقشه تهران
نقشه مجتمع

Complex Address

  • Phone: (+98)7737323330
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email:
  • South Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh), Bushehr Province, Iran