Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy:

Aligned with ISO50001:2018 and ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015 and ISO10004:2018 and ISO10002:2018 standards, Zagros Petrochemical Company has established an Integrated Management System with the aim of maximizing profitability, building up competitive advantage, and maintaining its superior position in methanol production industry making use of modern management systems. Within this system, sustainable development and continuous improvement, relying on expert and competent workforce, boosting productivity, gaining customer satisfaction, eliminating or mitigating risks and hazards, securing employees’ health and safety, and preserving the environment along with adherence to the organization’s social responsibility are the fundamental principles.

• The principal and overriding objectives of the company are:

1. Boosting customer satisfaction through maintaining and enhancing the quality and quantity of the end product and systematic handling of customer complaints.

2. Commitment to preparing consultation, surging participation, and providing continuous and effective training to employees in order to enhance their competency level through utilizing their own creativity and innovation and supporting scientific and applied research projects.

3. Complying with all laws, regulations, and requirements governing the company’s activities while developing constructive communication with all stakeholders, to gain and improve their satisfaction level.

4. Continuous improvement in processes by applying advanced technologies to create more added values to production and support processes.

5. Providing a safe and healthy work environment by applying change management and identifying, evaluating, and taking measures to eliminate or mitigate health and safety risks and hazards.

6. Constant improvement aiming at eliminating or minimizing environmental pollutants, and waste management to protect the environment and energy management.

7. Continuous improvement in recording, reviewing, and analyzing processes of events to prevent or reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, injuries, and disorders.

8. Improving the crisis management process to ensure timely, accurate, and appropriate response of individuals and function of equipment under emergency situations.

9. Constant improvement of energy performance by creating a framework for determining and revising macro and micro objectives regarding energy and ensuring the availability of the required resources, data, and information to meet the objectives.

10. Supporting the supply of more energy-efficient products and services to improve energy performance.

The Address of Central Office

  • Phone: (+98)2143000039
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email: info@zpcir.com
  • No. 170, Vanak St., Vanak, Tehran, Iran
نقشه تهران
نقشه مجتمع

Complex Address

  • Phone: (+98)7737323330
  • Fax: (+98)7737323207
  • Email: info@zpcir.com
  • South Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh), Bushehr Province, Iran